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Professional Interpreting Services
Olga Santos Mixteco Interpreter- Licensed Trainer
Trilingual Interpreter (Spanish, English, and Mixteco)
Providing interpreting services to different levels of government,
public and private agencies

Translation Services

Interpreters provide translation services written and audio. The interpreters are indigenous men and women who speak and write in their native language and Spanish. 


Provide interpreters and translators who know their language and its linguistic variant.

Interpreting Service

Professional Interpreting Services

Video Remote Interpreting

Over the Phone Interpreting 

Onsite Interpreting 


To provide high-quality service.

Interpreter training

Training to qualify indigenous interpreters
20 week competitive and rigorous program where participants are challenged and trained in multiple areas they may encounter as interpreters. Interpreters are required to attend lectures, complete assignments, and pass exams covering topics that include but are not limited to; topics such as medical, mental health,  legal, educational, HIPPA policies, interpreting styles, standard & ethics.


Trained Interpreters

Professional Indigenous Interpreters 

Cultural Awareness 

Traning on Cultural Awareness.

To create cultural awareness and discussion traditions and beliefs that providers may encounter when working with the indigenous communities. Offering cultural competency training in different settings such as school, medical, legal, and social services. We seek to collaborate with existing groups to build capacity and training for interpreters to increase language access

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