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Providing professional service


For any inquiries and questions please email our team or fill out the following form

We look forward to providing professional interpreting services. 

Interpreters provide the communication link between the individuals.

Interpreters are understanding of confidentiality, ethics, and professional boundaries.

Mixteco interpreters are willing to interpret in a variety of situations and locations

such as;


  • Legal: court houses, police departments, lawyer’s offices, jails/prisons, juvenile detention centers, court sanctioned counseling facilities, mental health facilities, and programs.

  • Mental Health: mental health facilities & programs, therapist’s or psychiatrist’s office, hospital emergency rooms, offices, and training sites.

  • Medical: doctors’ offices, hospitals, clinics, medical training centers, hospices, rehabilitation centers.

  • Educational/Academic: pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, elementary, middle, junior, high schools, colleges, universities, trade, vocational, technology schools, and programs

  • Business/Corporate: board rooms, convention centers, interviews, training facilities, retreat centers, offices, workshops, and training.

  • Other: government office buildings.

If you’re asking yourself, “why should I hire a professional Mixteco interpreter?”

  • Every business wants to improve their company image. Accessibility attracts more clients, their friends, and families. This is a potentially untapped resource of new customers, patients, or employees.

  • Would you want to take the risk of miscommunication between yourself and your clientele?

  • Communication is key to successful interactions.

  • This issue is so important that it is required by law. If you are a county, government agency, or non-profit agency that serves the public and receives government funding you are required by law to provide interpreters to non-English speakers.

Why can’t I just us their child or a family or friend?

Although the person may have a family member who knows the language, this is usually not an appropriate option. Family members are usually too emotionally attached to provide unbiased interpretation. Not to mention the HIPPA violations that may be involved. Unless a family member is a trained interpreter, they do not have the same standards and regulations to uphold.




Interpreters have been to training, tested for language proficiency, interpreting skills, and respect the standards for ethical conduct. Our goal is to facilitate communication with excellence and professionalism while taking every practical step to protect the privacy of all involved.




For any inquiries and questions please email our team or fill out the following form

 Freelance Interpreter and translator Opportunities


If you are a professional interpreter or translator please send a cover letter along with your resume.


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