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We provide professional interpreting services to various levels of government, public, and private agencies. We facilitate oral communication between people who speak different languages.


Interpreters have experience in providing professional interpreting services to various levels of government, public, and private agencies.  Interpreters work to facilitate interactions between both participants. They are experienced in legal interpretation depositions, court proceedings, attorney-client interactions, and more. If you are planning a conference and/or need full-scale simultaneous interpretation using booths and headsets, we can help there, too. Please Verify availability


  • On-site interpreting is available. Our face-to-face interpreting services rank high in client satisfaction.

  • Over the phone interpreting- OPI’s also available to connect to an over-the-phone interpreter on an as-needed basis.

  • Video/remote interpretation- VRI services via video remote interpreting is another option. Our interpreters are available through Google Chat, Skype, and more.

  • Conference interpreting is also available if you are hosting a small event or planning a large-scale event with multiple languages, we are prepared to assist.

  • Equipment- we are also able to provide rental equipment services for assignments requiring simultaneous interpreting. Interpretation equipment gives our clients the ability to communicate in multiple languages or locations, without pausing. We have your equipment needs covered from interpretation booths to portable sound systems at competitive rates.

  • Whether you need a telephonic interpreter for a medical appointment, legal hearing, or a simple business call, we offer multiple ways to connect to an interpreter.


How do I use a Mixteco interpreter?


There are some factors to keep in mind when working with a MIXTECO interpreter.


  • Understand that all professional interpreters operate under a Code of Professional Conduct and must keep all information strictly confidential. 

  • Remember to address the person at all times. Speak at a natural pace. 

  • There is no need to say, “Tell her/him.” Everything the interpreter hears will be interpreted.

  • The interpreter will need to be able to hear the person speaking and the person who needs the interpreter. Placement and lighting will be important when using remote interpreting.

  • The interpreter will not know the person; you may need to perform the initial introductions. 

  • Provide any prewritten speeches or texts as soon as possible to the interpreter for review. 

  • Situations that will last more than two hours will most likely require more than one interpreter.

Let’s get started!


Scheduling an interpreter is easy.

 Freelance Interpreting Opportunities


If you are a professional translator who wishes to be added to our list, and/or if you are a licensed/ registered/  certified/ or professionally qualified interpreter who wishes to be added to our list, please submit your resume email

How much does it cost?

Please contact us via email for more information and rate.


  • It is our policy to assign two (2) interpreters to work as a team for the duration of complex assignments and/or those exceeding two hours. 

  • In all legal and mental health assignments.  These are major life-altering and both are a critical situation that requires a team. 

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